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Family Support Group

  Our family support members are part of a group that shares a common bond of loving and caring for a special needs person in their life.  Together we experience being part of a family that cares for and is concerned with the quality of life and well-being of all the residents of CER of Illinois. Whether needs are medical, psychological or social, each guardian and/or family works with the CER of Illinois administration and staff to ensure continuous services to their loved one.

     Some of our 24 residents have lived at Bjorklund House & Independence Place since their inception.  The dedication of parents, CER of Illinois Board of Directorsand key people such as the Case Managers, Registered Nurse, Medical Program Assistant, Activities Director, Food Services Manager, Administrative Assistant and Maintenance person makes a difference in the daily lives of these remarkable adults.  Managing the time of these men and women with a shared goal of having them lead productive, enriching, spiritual lives is what CER of Illinois is about.  Those who oversee their lives do so passionately and with a God given commitment we are blessed to have. 

     We continue to be grateful to the families who have worked on fundraising, supplied in-kind donations and continue to faithfully attend our family group meetings over the years.  Sharing of Bjorklund House & Independence Place current events information and on-going needs takes place at these gatherings held every two months, which enables us to know one another and understand our residents better. 

     Our mission statement is “We advocate for and encourage the residents of CER of Illinois to reach their highest possible potentials while living in a positive and healthy environment”.

     If you would like information about being a part of the support group, please contact Julie Smith at